The Humans take the hint and begin to shoot my stolen helicopter down.

" Crap , crap." As bullets piecre the helicopters metal skin. One luck shot on the tail or ot the blade and i'm going to go splat.

I press forward on the throttle and make it onto some sorta open feild, where I still find i'm surrounded. I turn around a press the misslile buttons on the driving shaft. Two rockets deplot and miss my targets. The helicopter that opposes me fires. I jump out of the helicopter and only fall 5 feet before it explodes hurling me down to the ground.  I hit the grassy ground hard. Flaming bits of shrapnel following after me.  I get up and get running. I had no other options. Bullets trail after my fast figure.

I believed I was fast as a bullet and was confident I could outrun them. My figure is a blow across the landscape. I have to do is lose visual contact and then I will become undetectable.  Unfortunelty these damm humans. Have lots of devices allowing to keep visual contact with me.  I run out from behind a rock and tear back into the city. Just before I hit the city 4 bullets pass through my shoulders. I stumble forwards but continue the last few feet into undectability.   I run without noticing where i'm going until I take a break in an alleyway.

I slump to the ground, panting, blood dripping onto my leather jacket.  From my boot  I take a multi tool with pliers on it. I jab the pliers into my shoulders and remove the lead.  My face doesn't show pain as I do this. There was no hospital for me , no doctors. So I had to learn how to survive.  I did however needed a place to stay before, I collapse from the lack of blood.  I do my best to cover the holes but blood still poors out. I stumble out of the alleyway like a drunken hobo.

I find my hands digging through my pockets, I only had a 100 dollar bill. I hope it was enough. I walk through an inns door. My vision blurring and become very much like a tunnel. Don't collapse now or its all over. I tell my self as barely stay on my feet to the keeper.

" I don't think you need another drink sir." I hear his voice but barely see him.

" I'm not looking for a drink, just a room please." I say weakely

" 20 for the night."

" I'll be out till late tommorow."

" Then thirty."

" Thank you." I mutter giving him the hundred.

 He hands me a bunch of change probably  cheating me out, but at the moment every moment I wase not in bed is another moment closer to passing out.

" Room 3." The keeper says as I weakely make it to a flight of stairs.  My wounds begin to bleed more profusively. What did those bullets have on them? blood thinner?   My vision narrows a little more I think I reach the top of the stairs. My legs refuse to move another inch.  I slump onto the wall leaving streaks of blood.

" Crap." Is all I could say as everything darkens.

The End

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