An innMature

I stepped into an inn. It was pretty empty, except in the corner, a group of people were around a table talking with low voices. Morphing into a black cat, I saw the bartender cut his finger on a broken glass. The light bulb crackled then died. I crept to the group of people, leaping onto their table and immediately was petted by two or three hands. A familiar face stared me in the eyes. Her mouth fell open. An angel?

"Demon." She whispered.

"What?" asked the girl who was brushing her hand down my back.

"Show yourself." The angel said to me. I mewed, jumped off the table and resumed my former shape. Everyone gasped.

"Sky." I nodded to the angel.

"Haylo," she nodded back, I snorted.

"You were... a cat," someone commented. Well nooooo.

"No I wasn't." I replied sarcastically, "Must've been your imagination." Honestly, does no one trust their eyes anymore?

"Do you want to join us?" A guy said, probably still wondering who I was.

"I'm fine, thanks. I travel alone." I morphed into a tabby cat, strutted away to another table then curled up to sleep.

The End

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