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Damn lack of fastness. Still, using air could be considered cheating...if we were racing. Michi stops as she reaches a group of people, the only one of whom I recognise is Caleb. I run a bit faster.

"Oh my God Sophie! What happened to you?" Caleb exclaims as he sees my ripped shirt and that I'm almost completely covered in mud.

"I got chased"

"Chased... into some mud" Michi raises her eyebrow.

"And I was pushed"

"And you don't care that you don't actually look that good?" someone that I've never seen before comments.

"No. I'm not a barbie doll. I'm Sophie by the way. You would be?"


"Well nice to meet you Sky. Who are you two?"



"Hello Asia and Hazel" I smile as I rewind the tear in my shirt. "Michi, can you make it rain or something? This mud really isn't a good feeling"

"Yeah, sure" the heavens suddenly open above me. Just me. So I'm soaked. At least the mud isn't in my hair any more. It is on my clothes, but that doesn't matter. Then I'm blasted with air. So I'm dry, mud stained and have frizzy hair. I grin.


The End

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