chased or chasingMature

I duck under a large shard of metal, the building was collapsing and unfortunetly for me I'm on the 30'th floor.  A few more  rockets hit the building. I wondered why humans fear me so much , I haven't tried hurting them, I end up hurting them in self defence. The building shakes and was leaning over , it was time to jump boat.   I push off a wall at an incredible speed , and  leap through the window. The helicopter directly infront of me doesn't see me until I leap into the back passenger hold , and kill each soldier by using the metal in the wall as schenks.I take the pilots out , and take over the drving shaft.

" Victor 8 you are leaving a combat zone!" Some stupid human yells over the radio.I gun it forwards. Maybe they will get the hint soon enough.

The End

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