"Is that person flying?" I asked myself, standing on top of a tree. That was undeniably a person! The tree wobbled under my weight, and I screamed. Looking where I was going to fall, I saw a group of people below.

That's when a strong breath of wind threw me off. Just before I was going to be mush on the ground, I grabbed a branch that flew by me, swung around it, and landed softly on the ground, once my momentum was expended.

"Pleased to meet you. Hazel." I said, with a little bow, however, keeping my eyes on them. I was wary that they had something to do with that person flying.

"Hello." one replied, "I'm Caleb. These are Asia, Sky, and Michi is..."

"Flying." Sky finished. I grinned.

"I suppose you're thinking I'm going to be running away, screaming, 'cuz I'm afraid? Yeah, right." I chuckled, twirling a twig in my hand.

"What do you mean?" Asia asked, frowning. "Yes, we have... powers. Do you?"

"Yes. I can..." I opened my hand, and the twig disappeared. In it's place was a many-coloured light- sort of like a flame, but not quite. "create light energy out of mass. And I have a sort of connection to ants. I can control them. And finally, that acrobatic display on the tree? If you haven't guessed already, that's not what a normal human can do."

"You're human?" Caleb asked.

"Yes!" I replied indignantly, clenching my fists. "What would you think me to be?" I glanced around, and realised that... some of them didn't look all that human. Then, with a gust of wind, someone landed among us, before I could ask

"You are Michi?" I asked. She nodded, with a bit of a surprised expression crossing her face. "Do you mind if I join your... group?"

The End

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