"Any ideas?" the angel said. Her name was Sky, wasn't it?

"I can try and listen out for her again. If she hasn't been caught yet then chances are she'll head in this direction. Then again, if she got caught..." I said, drifting off as I realised just how out of range she'd get if they had caught her.

"Cale, just listen" Michi said from beside me.

I sighed and closed my eyes. It doesn't really do anything, just makes listening easier. Well you try focusing on someone's thoughts when you're looking at your surroundings! Jeez.

"Shees, why's she so defensive? I'm so not interested in him anyway" came from Sky.

"Teach her to try and steal my boyfriend... Oh God...Cale, please tell me you didn't hear that" came from Michi.

"Yes I did, Michi" I said smugly, glancing out of one eye just in time to see Michi's cheeks light up a bright pink colour.

I sifted through the stream of thoughts within range, most of them just the humdrum of "got to find them". But then there it was. The flicker of a thought from Sophie. "Come on, guys, where are you?".

"Got her. It's quiet, though. She's probably heading west... Or maybe East... I don't know, thoughts don't have directions!" I growled the last past, opening my eyes and pulling at my short hair a little. "Sky, I know it's a lot to ask but do you think you could just check from the air real quick?"

The End

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