"Look! There's number 23! Get her!"

"It's Sophie!" I spit back at them. Then I attempt at running. Of coarse, being me, I don't get very far before one of them grabs me. Ha! What good luck! See, I'm not allowed to use my power on them if they know about it, but if they touch me... "Pause" I mutter. The guy instantly freezes. I rip my shirt from his grasp. It tears on my shoulder. Not that I care. "Right, who's next?"

"Ha! We're not scared of you number 23"

"It's Sophie!" my rewind hits him so hard that he shoots backwards at the speed of light.

"So you can control our time. We can still hurt you enough to lessen than ability" the last guy sneers.

"Oh yeah? You and what army?"

"I don't need an army" he says and shoves me face first into the mud. I pretend to be knocked out and keep my eyes closed. I feel the time zone around him. I concentrate on just him and... "AARGH!" as he whizzes back through his actions. I smile. I love doing this. I get up. So now I'm covered in mud. Who cares? I'm not going to waste time rewinding it like some barbie. It hangs in brown muddyness past my shoulders. Exact same colour as my eyes. OK, now to find Caleb and Michi

The End

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