Hmm, You're pushyMature

Yeesh, this girls so defensive. Yes, the guys good looking but why the hell would I be looking for a boy friend at this point in time.

Also I think we're standing in the middle of a battle field even if off slightly to the right.

"Umm, shouldn't we get away from here? You guys seem in trouble and I don't believe you're far enough away from your starting point" I say looking in the direction the girl...... Michi came from.

"We can't go with out Sophie" Caleb explains.

"Where is she?" I ask. Looking between him and Michi.

"We don't know. If we did we would be gone by now and away from you and your boyfriend stealing attitude" Michi snaps.

I glare at her. "I'm not after your boyfriend, Yeesh!" I turn on my heals and scan the area close to us.

"I could look from the sky but......" I look up storm cloud forming. "Its looks bad weather, any ideas?"

The End

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