You can't have him, he's mine.Mature

Five seconds later, I was wide awake, judging from how far people had moved. Wide awake, fully aware of the situation around me and perhaps most importantly, my amnesia had disappeared. I could remember everything.

Michi? Are you okay? Caleb's thought was loud and clear in my mind.

Yes, I'm okay. Where are you? And where's Sophie? I thought back. I couldn't see him, which was unusual. He never normally let me out of his sight, only partly due to my accident prone nature.

Where are you?

Hang on I thought. Jasper had noticed I was awake. I remembered my power and wasted no time in softening the earth beneath his feet. He yelped as he sank in to his neck. I got up and and set the earth tearing itself up and firing itself at his head. Then I ran. Caleb sent me directions and I quickly found him.

"Are you okay?" he asked, sounding worried.

"You've already asked me that. I'm fine!" I said, hugging him. "Where's Sophie?"

"I don't know, I think they tried to get her, but she escaped. I heard a vampire near her but then she went out of range, as did the vampire," he said. I knew he didn't mean normal hearing. 

Something landed behind us. I spun to see an angel, light blue eyes and starlight hair, standing behind us. Her eyes widened as she saw Caleb, but only momentarily.

"Hey there-," she started to say.

"Don't try it," I growled territorially. I knew that look on her face, I also knew that Caleb was, even by angel standards, very goodlooking. "Caleb is mine."

Caleb laughed lightly, his hazel eyes lighting up. Trust him to be able to laugh when we were in this much danger.

"Don't mind Michi, she's just worried." Sure, I was worried. About losing him. As if I wasn't stressed enough already.

"Who are you?" I asked, trying to keep the coldness that I felt out of my voice and failing slightly.

She smiled. "Sky."

The End

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