An Angel Named SkyMature

I hum as music plays on the radio. I can't bother to concentrate to understand what it is.

I don't know some rock band? I sigh and roll over. I'm floating above my bed my wings on show.

I shouldn't be so uncareful as I am but..... Oh well. I don't care. I fall back on to my bed pressing them to my back I get up off my tummy and jump off the bed.

I skip out the room my Starlight curls bouncing around me. I create a phone in my hand as I do.

Who to call who to call? Meh. I toss the phone across the room and it turns to dust. I ghost, disappearing from sight and I feel my eyes go a bright silver from there light blue.

Happens when I use my powers only a flash when I create something. Good thing when I'm ghosting no one can see me..... or touch me.

I go through the door and jump up into the air taking off. I fly straight up and when I break through the clouds I Ghost back into reality becoming seeable and stable.

Then through a break in the clouds I see something.

"Hmm, whats going on down there?" I mutter. Then with a flap of my wings I Ghost and dive down to find out what it is.

The End

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