I lay floating in the air feeling the nothingness beneath me as I gazed up into the sky thinking about nothing.  I was higher than I was meant to be but not breathing made it so tempting to go higher than normal humans could.

There was a commotion below me and I turned onto my front to see what we going on.  I'd been sick the first time I'd done this but after months of practise I was comfortable hovering in the air.

There were people running below me.  There were three running away from a group of others.

'What on earth is going on down there?'  I muttered to myself as I began sinking to get a better look.  The group of three had been split up and were now alone, fightling for their lives it seemed.  'Yes I know I shouldn't interfere.'  I talk to myself a lot, it's a habit you get from spending too much time alone.  'One little look can't hurt.'  I was descending faster now, still a few metres above ground level but close enough for people to see me.

One of the people running away, a girl, looked up and did a double take as she saw me.  'Well I'll have to go explain now.'  I grinned to myself as my bare feet touched the grass as I landed.

The End

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