The GuardiansMature

Inspired by the series 'The Werewolf and The Vampire ' by DarkLordSnuffy on youtube.


"Run, you idiot, run!" Caleb was shouting at me. I stumbled after him, I would have used my powers if I could remember what they were. I broke into a run, but too slow, we had Jasper and Joy after us, the fastest two experiments there are. I don't know how it happened, but suddenly experiments 1-19 are following orders from the Commander. And those orders are to retrieve us. I hope 23 got away, I can't remember her name, I can't remember anything. I feel a blast of artificial wind and suddenly I'm on the ground. I can only hold onto one thought.

Please let Caleb and 23, whatever her name is have got away...

I black out.

The End

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