Jake: We Need To Strike Back.

The rogue guarded ones had left, and the rest of us were left alone. Some of us had our guardians stolen, I was thankful that I still had Malachite.

We were all talking among one another when I stood up.

"Listen, everyone, we need to fight back! These rogue guarded ones cannot be as strong as we think. But we can fight back, we have methods, we have our ways. Where there is a will, there is a way."

"But Jake, they stole our guardians."

"Only some of them, and we won't know why until we strike back! Come on, who's with me?"

They remained quiet.

"Ok, fine then, I'll go by myself."

After saying this, I turned around and left through the door. I hadn't taken a couple steps before Isabella followed me.

"Heh, I've been with you since before any of these other ones. We're going to go through this together."

I nodded and we started walking together. Within a few moments everyone else was now with us. We were going to strike back; we were going to rescue our guardians and Ami.

The End

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