Lint: More Than a Theif.

I stared up in shock. Vent, one of Them?

"Vent" I said, the name strange after so many years. "Why-It's not like you." I said, still in not beliving what was happening.

"A lot can change when time goes by." Vent hesitated for a momment, then smiled coldly. "Especialy people."

He clutched Rex in one hand, then brushed the hair from my face with the other.

"Don't be so sad." Vent said mockingly.

"Just let Re-"

"I'm afraid I can't do that."


"And then, I passed out, or was knocked out. I can't remember. Rex and Vent were gone when I woke up.Vent may have taken Aoife as well."

I had found most of the others, and when they mentioned the other missing gaurdian(s) I told them about my incounter with Vent. Well, most of it. I left out a key part. The reason I won't ever be comfortable with the others. Never.

Vent had made a deal.

Rex would be kept safe, and untransformed.

".....Still a silly little Gaurdian..."

All I had to do was copperate.  

"....Just a little favor...."

I had to do it. He threatend Rex.

".......You could decline---But Rex......"

I had to. There was no other way. No other.

I became a Rogue Spy.

"Wise choice Lint," 

Vent had smiled.    

"I always knew you were smart."

The End

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