Liam: Being a Guardian

I let Imi sleep, since she was not in the best shape. What with all that happened, I think pretty much all of us were exhausted. There were a couple missing but the vast majority of people were here, in the bunker, hiding until we were strong enough to take on the Hunters who were out there waiting for us.

Someone knocked at the door. I went to answer it, changing to a boy as I went, so as not to scare anyone I didn't want to. It was Cal, Mary's Guardian.

"What are you doing here?" he asked rudely.

"Being a Guardian-what does it look like? Look, if you have come to start, I ain't listening."

I went to shut the door, but he put his foot in the gap.

"No no, look I'm sorry for that. Imi and Mary need to talk. I came here to see what the situation with Imi is. To see if she will talk. If we are going to fight, then we need to trust each other."

I nodded. "Imi...shes in a pretty bad way at the moment. But I'll tell her when she wakes up."

Cal nodded his thanks and left. Two minutes after I shut the door, Jake came in.

"Hey, at least knock okay?" I said, getting up. "Imi's sleeping."

"I'm not," She said, sighing. "Well.. not anymore anyways.. Whats up Jake?"

"Hunters. Attacking. Now." He replied tersely.

All of us ran out of the room to the main bunker, where everyone was gathered to talk tactics.

The End

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