Mary: I can't stand this anymore!

Tears fall down my cheeks like avalances as I run through the muddy woods. I jump over twigs and sticks, the roots calling me to stop; to calm down. I run as it rains, and run as the sun shines.


The sound of my names slows me down, I glance backwards and see Cal. I can't even deal with him. I run, suddenly, he's in front of me and I collide right into his chest, tackling him to the ground. We fall to the ground with a oof.

"Mary," he says, lifting me up and pulling me into a tight hug. "What's wrong?"

"I-I-I...It doesn't matter," I say sighing.

"What a load of bull! Imi," I flinch at the name, "came in on the erge of balling her eyes out. Did you just flinch?" He adds, changing the subject.

"No," I lie.

"Mary, what's going on?"

"It's a long story," I sigh.

"Well, let's go inside, where it's warm and talk about." He says, lifting himself and myself.

"I-I'm not too sure about that," I say my eyebrows crossing.

"Mary, c'mon. You need to talk to her."

"Why should  I?"

"Because she is your sister, and you both have issuses to sort out." I push away from him, about to argue, but he pulls me in and transports me back to the bunker.

The End

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