Talon: I've Failed

I changed into my human form, and banged on the door furiously. Blood strecked me, bites tattooed me. The door opened a tiny bit, then Jake opened it fully. I stumbled in.

"S-sorry I couldn't get here Was-s-s-s ambushed. And Ami o-o-oh Ami-i-i-i." I began to sob. I fell to my knees, my nail digging into my head. Malachite pulled my hands way from my head.

"I've failed her! I was supposed to protect her! I bet he's got to her by now...." I gasped. Malachite pushed a bag into my shaking, bloody hands. Jelly rings.


I gasped, feeling myself come to. I couldn't move, couldn't speak. Arms scooped me up roughly.

"We won't take this one's Guardian away. The Master wants her."

"Pfft, why can't she just join our ranks?"

"I dunno, just keep walking." said a voice grumpily. I opened my eye blearily, and saw a Rouge carrying me, beside another one. Their large Guardians were behind them.

"Why does the boss want 'er again?"

"I dunno, why does 'e want 'er?"

"I dunno, that's why I asked you, dumbass."

"Wha'ever. Just keep walking."

The End

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