Jake: Wondering.

As everyone seemed pretty happy I decided to retire to a different room. Malachite was the only one there with me. Then, we began to talk to one another.

Malachite: "Those rogue guarded ones are trouble."

Jake: "Extremely, I wonder if..."

Malachite: "No, you're not using the necklace, that's only for emergencies."

I look down, and I pick it up with my hand. It's my necklace. A single stone on a black cord. It was a piece of malachite, the strongest rock for Malachite. When fed to him, Malachite experiences thousands of changes within himself, he is able to destroy entire galaxies with his powers.

Jake: "I'm just scared."

Malachite: "Don't be."

Then, Malachite and I sort of hugged each other, hiding in a corner.

The End

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