Sophia: so you're a...

I watched as the new girl walked off out of the room, followed by Imi. I wondered what was up. To be honest I was still a little dazed after the whole hoo-hah with those rogue guarded ones and their dinosaurs. Still worried. Still a bit impressed with myself for hitting that tall one..

Will you stop reliving that moment? Tobias hopped onto my lap and padded around. I stroked his back rhythmically. 'I'm sorry,' I leaned down, whispering. 'But you have to admit, it was pretty cool.' I pick Tobias up and drift over to Imi's guardian Liam and the one of the new girl. Tobias slinked to the new guardian and purred as he bent down to scratch behind Tobias' ears. I sat down awkwardly and tried to conjure up a conversation.

'So, you're a...'

'An angel.'

'Oh.' I was confused. 'I'm sorry, I thought guardians could only be animals.'

Tobias turned to the angel and said apologetically, 'She's only just found out about the whole arrangement-she's a little slow.'

'Hey!' I batted Tobias, and then looked back at the angel. 'So why are you watching over the girl?'

'Mary?' he asks. 'Well, it's a bit complicated...'

The End

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