Cal: You alright?

I watch her sit next to Imi, they whisper to each other, but Mary's posture makes me unable to listen in. I catch Liam's eye and give him a questionning look, What're they on about?

Beats me, Imi won't tell me, He repiles.

The girls turn away from each other, Mary looks... put out.

Mary, are you alright? I try to ask, but swhe puts up her mind block. Stopping me from being able to read her.

Liam looks worried at Imi, What's happening?  He asks.

I-I don't know.

Mary sighs, "I'm going to look outside, see if anything's happening."

"Ok, want me to come?" I ask.

"No, thank you." She says shortly, walking out of the room.

Imi looks uncomfortable for a second, and follows her out of the room. Liam and I are left clueless in a room full of people.

The End

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