Imi: Shock Liam: Bit of a Blur.

I had no idea what had happened to Imi. She just went into shock for a while, going totally silent. I was worried about her, constantly talking to her through our mind link but she hardly responsed even through that. Then someone walked in that made it all a lot worse.



After things with those dinosaur Guardians, I just closed down. I couls just hear a roaring in my head that I couldn't break out past. I knew Liam was trying to talk to me but I couldn't reply. I had no idea what had got into me, but when Cla and Mary walked in, I jolted back to reality with a sudden thump.


Since when was Mary a Guarded One?! I asked Liam.

Imi!! Are you ok? What happened? Is there anything I can do? Was it something I did? Are you hurt?

Liam.. I'm fine! Is that seriously Mary there?

Yeah, and her Guardian is Cal. He's an angel apparently.

Haha, so are you when you want to be.

True. He ended smugly.

Mary came down to sit next to me.

"Long time no see little sister." I said quietly.

"Little by a day remember."

Damn. My twin (non-identical) always was a pendantic little....


The End

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