Mary: ...Er...Hey! ><

Trust us, to land in a battleground. Seriously, who else is so unlucky enough to land in a battleground? The boy drags us to some secret bunker there was no, 'Would you please come with me?' Or even, 'Come with me please." Instead he grabs hold of my wrist - a little too hard for my liking, I bruise like a peach for Christ's sake!

He drags me along, I drag Cal who seems shell shocked; I have to smile at his face, have to. The boy drags us and shoves us into a room full of people. He seems to count heads, "Where's Aoife and Rex?" He asks.

No one answers. They're all gawping at Cal, I feel a sense of pride, He's  my angel, not yours. Bahaha! I think selfishly.

The boy turns to us, "I'm Jake and this," he points to a little moley thing on the floor, "is Malachite."

Cal and I glance at the end of his name, "Hello." We mutter in sync.

"This is," he points around the room," Isabella and her gaurdian  Herity. Ami and Talon, Cate - her guardian is Aoife," We nod at this. "Imi and Liam, Lint - Rex is their guardian -Scarlet and Mistly, Sophia and Tobias, Grace and Flit." We nod at everyone in acknowelegment, muttering hellos. "And you are?" He asks turning to us."

Agh! Public speeking!

Don't worry, I've got this. Cal says in my head.


"I'm Cal and this is Mary, my... um... guardianee?" He asks glancing at me. I laugh.

You turnip.

Oh shutit!

I smirk. "Hey," I say simply. "Hello," they each say to us.  

The End

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