Mary: Where are we?

We jumped out the window and started to run; we ran to the woods, where I've always felt at home. We both wear a rucksack each, Cal with the heaviest.

We weave in and out the trees, "In and out the dusty bluebells, in out the dusty bluebells, you shall be my master." I sing.

"Tippy tippy tip tap on my sholder, tippy tippy tip tap on my sholder, tippy tippy tip tap on my sholder, you shall be my mistress." Cal sings along with a wink.

I laugh and jump ahead and start spinning, high on adrenaline I giggle. Cal laughs behind me and also starts to giggle - like a man, of course.

"So where are we?" I ask, casually swinging my arms by my sides.

"Umm... I don't know..." He says looking around as we come out of the woods. A huge green field spreads out before my very eyes.

"Some angel you are, " I say trying not sound scared.

"Thanks." He says dryly glancing at me, "Are you scared?"

"No," I bubble out. He comes over and hugs me.

"It's ok, we'll be alright."

"Why don't we just turn back, maybe Sindy hasn't noticed yet?" I ask, I may not want to go there but at least there's a roof over my head and food to eat - even if that isn't every day; Cal had to get me proper food when I was younger.

"NO! We are not under any cercumstances going back to that monster!" He snarles. Cal was born an angel and came to me when my parents died; the day Sindy started being horrible to be. I was seven, Cal eight; that was eight years ago almost nine.

"Ok, ok." I say putting my hands up in surrender. "Where are we going to go? I mean, we can't go out into the public for a while, 'cause as much as Sindy loathes me, she still has to report me missing. If not, then the school will and then the police could be involved and then she will be pronounced  a suspect or something stupid like that."

"Mary, shut up, you're over thinking things. If she doesn't and the latter of what you said does happen then so be it, she deserves to be interogated if not locked up. To think, that b*tch is pregnat."

I sigh, sitting down on a log. "I know, do you think that if the baby is a-" I cut myself off, "Is treated bady, would she get a guardian?"

"I don't know, not everybody gets them; some are not good either."

"What do you mean?" I look up at him, he looks thoughtful as he speaks. "Some 'guardians' turn against their - for lack of another word - charges."


"Oh, I don't know do I? I mean c'mon it's not like I've ever gunna do that!"

I create a small smile on my face, "Thanks." He smiles back, "No problem."

"So, where are we going?" I ask, changeing the subject.

"I don't know, why don't you ask the trees?" It may seem like he's taking the George Micheal, but in reality he's right. I can communicate with anything and everything; I communicate by showing pictures and they show them back. I walk up to the a random oak tree - the most talkitive of trees.

I narrow my eyes in concentration. My eye snap open in shock.

"CAL! People are in trouble!"

"WHAT WHEN HOW?!?!?!?!"

"Um, it seems as if some people are in trouble, now, and I don't know if I saw right but, it seems as if a rouge guardian is attacking. Like I said I don't know." I pout slightly in thought.

"S***! Do you remember where it was?"


"Good," He grabs my hand and we teleport to the people in trouble using his transport power - which is only functionable in emergances - and my memories.

We land with a 'ouff' on the floor; I end up landing on Cal. "Sorry," I say.

He laughs, "It's alright." I roll of him, pushing myself up with my forearms. Cal pushes me to the ground rolls over me just as a huge rock goes over us. "Thanks." I say laughing, "No problem," he replys.

The End

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