Not Safe Yet

As Jake wrenched me out of the boy's arms, the invisible Malachite hit him. Jake pulled me away, but my legs locked, and my knees buckled. I ell to the ground, my legs numb, and spreading.

"Ami!" Jake said, trying to pull me up. The numbness spread to one arm. I reached my arm up, and touched Jake's cheek. He came close, and I kissed him. "Jake. What is the life of one Guarded one to those of six?"

"Ami...what are you saying?"

"I'm saying...leave. Help the others. Before Malachite turns visible again. Run."

"He might kill you!!!"

"I know." I whispered, before my arm fell down, and I could only move my arm. "Goooooooooooooo......" I breathed, before falling unconscious.

The End

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