The Dream Begins

I gulped, and I jumped onto Talon's back. As we flew away, The boy just watched, a small sadness in him. I saw Jake, and we flew to him. I flew into his arms. I then realized something. We were alone. Talon had just left to go for the others. Behind us, stood the boy with his falcon. He pointed his fingers to me, and I pulled away from Jake, and walked to the boy.

But I wasn't doing it purposfully. Jake looked surprised. "Jake, RUN!!! IT'S THE DREAM!! RUN!!!!" I screamed at him. He began to run, but kept hesitating. Malachite ran after him, looking back at me.

"I have come to kill them, collect you. MAKE. HIM. SUFFER!!!" he screamed, pointing after Jake, who dissapeared from sight. The dream had began.

The End

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