Cate: Where's Aoife?

I was curled up in the corner, trying to be as small as possible. Inside, my heart was breaking.

Aoife. Aoife I need you. My little Aoife. She'll be so scared. I can't communicate with her like the others can. I can't contact her by her mind. She was always there to talk to me. I have no powers without her. I bet there is no sunlight where she is. I bet she can't use her powers. And if she has no sunlight she'll die...

No. I can't think like that. I have to get out of here. Already the claustrophobic space is getting to me.

Scarlet is talking to someone by the door. Is she going to get us out? She seems to know the person with the dinosaur.

Suddenly one of the walls melts away and a grinning dwarf stands there.

Ami and Jake rush out at once. I follow, my eyes searching everywhere. I can see the others Guardians but I can't see Aoife. My heart freezes. I can't see her.

Where is she?

The End

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