Scarlet: Sam

"Sam, what in the world are you guys doing!?" I yelled. Suddenly Malachite burst out of the locked door. Good for him. I thought. But then Malachite had almost run over Sam, who fell over, his head colliding with the floor. I bent down over Sam.

"I'm okay..." he muttered groggily. I pulled him by the collar of his shirt to a corner, where he wouldn't be trampled by others. "And I'll tell you what we're doing. Now. We- we are here- because you are dangerous. We have- to capture you. I didn't know you were- among them. I pulled- you off of Misty. I didn't mean for you- to get hurt. I'm sorry Scarlet."

"It's okay, Sam- I- Am." He smiled at my nickname for him, given in kindergarten. We had been best friends, ever, never seperated. And later I had loved him. But then he moved away. Our guardians, too, had been sad at the prospect of never seeing each other again. "Sammy, who ordered all of this?"

Just then, Jake came to stand beside us. "Is he hurt?" he asked.

"He just hit his head. It's Sam. He's my friend." Just then, Sam started snoring. "Poor baby, he's probably all worn out. I"ll take care of him. You go and do whatever. Tell the rouges that you don't know what's happening, and that I know Sammy. They may feel a little bit of symphathy."

Jake marched off, while I was thinking of my beloved Sam, finally with me again. I kissed the top of his head.

"I love you, Sam."

The End

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