Lint: Vent


I had begun to feel comfortable with the group when They came. The Rouge Guarded ones. They burst into the room, and it sounded like there was more outside. They began to separate us from our Guardians. I felt Rex scuttle down my arm, and hoped he would make it out the door before anyone noticed. Just before he made it through the frame, a slender hand reached down and grabbed Rex.

"Not so fast, buddy." Came a voice, deep and scratchy, but not quite a man's voice. It was a teenager's voice. I followed the arm up until I was looking into the face of a 16 year old boy. Messy brown hair fell to his shoulders, framing his face and green eyes that seemed to pierce your very soul. A long scar ran from his forehead and down his left cheek.

The green eyes.

The brown hair.

The scar.

"Vent?" I breathed.

With a mischievous grin, Vent walked into the room.

 "Miss me?" He said, as a dinosaur like creature walked up beside him.

"Behind you!” I said, fearing it would attack him.

Vent only smiled, and reached down to pet the creature.

"Being a Rouge does have it's benefits." He whispered, malice in his eyes.


The End

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