Sophia: Help!

I was just chatting with Imi whilst Liam was showing off to Tobias. You could tell Tobias (currently in cat form) would rather pounce on Liam, but I gave him a warning glance and let him read my thoughts as I sent out a message "touch him and I swear I will make you eat the tinned cat food for a week". Tobias shuddered slightly and made sure his paws kept well away from Liam, who was whooping as he changed shapes, each one more extravagant than the last.

Then they burst in. For rogues they didn't look the most menacing people in the world. In fact with dinosaurs at their sides my first thought was of Power Rangers (then I blocked that thought off so that Tobias wouldn't tease me about watching Power Rangers as a kid). But then the dinosaurs growled and Tobias jumped into my arms, and I knew they were dangerous. Imi looked worried, and I saw her glance to where Ami and Jake were outside. Tobias looked up at me, as if to reassure me that they were fine. One of the rogue guarded ones, a tall boy with spiky hair and a small tricerotops grabbed my arm and started walking me to the next room, where I could see all the windows had been blacked out. I panicked. My hands started to sweat and Tobias wiggled uncomfortably. As we reached the door, the boy turned to the others and said 'This one is a pushover. Pathetic.'

He spat the word out. And at once I felt something bubbling inside of me, something that wanted to porve I wasn't some pathetic lowlife like him. I walked out of his grip, which just a minute ago had felt so tight, as if it were a finishing line at a race, and without any thought I punched him in the face, with more force than I'd ever felt in my life. Tobias jumped from my arm as I had swung the punch and had landed on the triceratops, digging his claws in as it yelped in pain. The tall boy went flying a metre and landed on the floor, sprawled quite unconscious.

'Woah' I breathed.

The End

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