Jake: Crackers!

As Malachite, Ami, Talon and I made it to the base I shoved Ami inside and closed the door, but not before I took the rocks from her pockets. Malachite and I waited outside. for whatever was comming.

I put the found rocks into our rock pouch, and then dug into my rock pouch again for a rock. I pulled out a rock then instantly recognized it.

"Black obsidian."

Malachite looked at me and smiled.

"Black obsidian gives me the power of fire."

I laughed.

"Let's hope these enemies aren't flame retardant."

Then, out of the mist stepped a man, and beside him was a stegasaur.

A guarded one.

"Hello, you seem to be very keen on protecting whatever is on the other side of that door. Mind if I take it away?"

I give the rock to Malachite and he eats it. Then, I feel the heat radiating from his body.

"Attack us and get fried."

"Oh, a threat is it. I see, Shango, strike!"

The stegasaur charged at us, and then Malachite created a vortex of fire, lifting it off the ground and burning it. After a while it feel back to the ground, in serious pain and injured. Then, out of the mist came a group of four more guarded ones. Each with some sort of dinosaur for their guardian. I grabbed a rock and fed it to Malachite. Luckly, it was a message rock. He sent the same message to all guarded ones in range.

"Help us, we are at the abandon petrol station on 5th ave. and Gillet st. We are fighting rogue guarded ones, they are trying to hurt us, help us please!"

Hopefully, they'll be here soon.

The End

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