Shared Dream

I sat up beside Jake, and saw two girls and their Guardians. I waved sleepily. "Everybody's welcome here, as long as you don't mind sharing the room." I smiled, before linking my arms round the back of Jake's neck, then leaning on it.

"Oh Gawd, what time is it?" yawned Talon. Everyone shrugged. Talon crawled onto one of the mattresses as a human, and collapsed. I laid back, and fell to sleep.

I began to dream. I stood, alone in the street, Talon sat on my shoulder. A boy was stood facing me. He had black hair, reaching his shoulder, bright blue eyes, and pale skin. A falcon sat on his shoulder. "Ami..." the falcon whispered.

The figure stepped towards me. I was frozen to the spot. The boy reached his arms out, scooping me into them. He cradled me, kissing my neck, cheeks, then finnally lips. "I'm coming to kill them. Collect you. MAKE, HIM, SUFFER!!!" said the boy, soft at first then ended up screaming. I looked behind me, and saw Malachite, stood, watching in horror. I glanced forward. Jake, writhing on the floor.

I woke up, screaming. I looked across the room, to see Malachite panting, his eyes wide, Jake awake, looking from his Guardian to me beside him. I scrambled out of bed, and over to Malachite. "Did you see what I saw?"

"A guy saying he's coming to kill us, collect you, and make someone suffer? He had a falcon on his shoulder. And Jake...." he stopped, and shuddered. I began to cry. I wrapped my arms round Malachite gently, sobbing onto my friend's Guardian's arm. "What the hell? How can you see Ami's dream?" asked Talon, who had woken up.

Malachite shrugged. I wiped away my tears away. Jake crawled over, and gave me a hug. "Don't worry. We'll figure it out tomorrow." he whispered. I gulped, and nodded. I went into the main area, and sat down in a chair, with the rest of the Guardians.

The End

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