Imi: More people

A  pair of new Guarded Ones came through the door and I couldn't help feeling relieved. Two of the others had gone off together and I could hear their Guardians laughing and high fiving. It didn't take a genuis to notice that the two liked each other. I guessed that the Guardians had set the pair up...successfully.

I was chatting to Jake, who was the only one here I really seemed to be able to talk to. I didn't normally get intimidated but there was a huge group of us here now and I was really confused as to what was going on. Why were we all meeting here? I'd only come because Jake had invited me.

I hope something more exciting happens soon...I'm bored here. Liam grumbled. He'd changed back into his snake form, since he couldn't be bothered to be anything else.

Try talking to some of the others then! I replied Introduce us to the new people.

He changed into his boy form again, still grumbling, but he went up and started talking to them. I followed soon with Jake. Hopefully they would have an idea of something to do round here.

The End

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