Scarlet: Hello There, Then

I stood there rather awkwardly. Cate disappeared, but I felt in the air until I found her hand. "Not so fast, miss disappear-whenever-I-want. Scared?" I asked. Misty stood behind me, looking at all of the others.

"Hello," I said. "I'm Scarlet. This is Misty, and here is Cate and Aoife. Do you have room for a few more?"

"S-sure." one boy said. "I'm Jake."

"And I'm Ami!" piped up a girl from behind him.

"Hi Ami and Jake" Cate said, once again becoming visible.

"Can you tell us what's happening?" I asked. "I never knew there was so many of us!"

"I think there's more of us than we thought." said someone else, coming in through another door. "I'm Lint."

"Hello there, then." I said, sitting down.

The End

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