Cate: Now More

I tried to slide elegantly off Misty but me being me I slipped and ended up falling on my face. Scarlet deftly slid down beside me and helped me up.

"There's more," she whispered.

"More what?" I whispered back.

Aoife tugged my ear. "I can sense them, Cate," she says excitedly. "There's so many. So many like us."

My heart dropped through my stomach. More people? I'm not good with people.

"Let's go in," Scarlet announced. Her voice was filled with excitement. My feet feel like they're rooted to the ground.

"But what if they're evil?" I whisper. "What if they don't like us?"

"Then we'll find out when we get there," Scarlet said, her head held high. "Come on."

"Stay with me Aoife," I whisper to the pixie, who is so excited she can barely stay still on my shoulder.

Scarlet enters the building first. I move very slowly and stiffly behind her. Inside is a large room. Inside are people my own age. And each of them have another being or creature next to them. As we enter they all turn our way.

And then I disappear.

The End

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