Talon: Jeez...

As Malachite watched Ami and Jake kiss, Malachite high fived me. We sat down, and watched as Ami told Jake that she wanted to kiss him. The look on her face was priceless. Malachite and I sat egging her on. She told him about her powers, then they kissed once more.

They pulle away, leaning their foreheads together. Malachite glanced sideways, and gave an evil smile. He went over to the old tape player, and pressed play. A soft music began. i hed my sides in a fit of silent laugher. I rolled back, tears streming from my eyes. "I'm gonna get those two..." muttered Jake. Ami nodded, before laying her head on his shoulder.

I looked at Malachite. "I'm gonna make Ami go to school tomorrow. That way We can all have a clean up seperating the rooms properly and stuff." I muttered.


Everyone came inside a little while later, and went into the sleeping area. I got changed quickly into some jogging bottoms and vest top, and laid down, yawning. Jake moved a matress closer to mine, and laid down on it.

"Thanks gain for letting me stay."

"Thanks for staying!" I giggled. He smiled. I pulled a blanket over him, and another over myself. He shivered. "Oh...too cold..." he groaned. I laughed, and crawled under the sheets with him, and gave him a hug. He smiled, and huddled under the cover. I returned to my own bed, and blew him a kiss.

He was right. The covers were cold. Talon laid on a pillow beside me. "I should be a love doctor." he muttered. I laughed softly. One by one, all of the Guarded ones filed into the bedroom, while the Guardian sat in the main space, chatting. Jake curled his finger, indicating me to come over. I gave a yawn, and rolled over.

"You ok?"

"Yeah, just thinking about today."

He chuckled, and wrapped an arm round me. I sid an arm over him, and wriggled my way uder the blanket, hugging him. "Jake?"


"Boo. Sorry. Feeling a bit hyper. Ow!" I said, as a bag of gummy rings hit me in the head. Talon and Malachite stood at the door, grinning at us, before leaving. I tore open the bag, and popped one in my mouth. Jake opened his mouth, and I dropped one in. We laughed a little, then I fell to sleep, still cuddling up to Jake.

The End

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