Sophia: Here goes.

'Right,' I turn to Tobias who is in human form again and I do a mock-twirl. 'What do you think?' I want to make a good impression on my first day at school so I'm wearing my black skinnies (making the most of the legs here but also shows I'm not a total show-off), a blue Tshirt with some Mickey Mouse cartoon on it and a black cardigan.

'Hmm.' He stands next to me at the mirror. 'Well, I know you're thinking that I look great...but you always think that.'

'Argh!' I growl and put my hands to my head. 'How do I stop you from just waltzing into my thoughts like that?'

'Well...just think of your mind as a big scrapbook-if you don't want me snooping about, imagine yourself closing the book, or padlocking certain parts. Then I can't enter. But it takes some mean concentration...' I stared at him intently as I imagined blocking off any parts of my thought related to him. 'Ohhhh, I see what you're doing. You don't want me knowing how you feel. Ok.' He smiled and I had to work hard again not to let my guard down, as a little part of me was thinking how lovely that white smile was.

'Right.' I picked up my bag and linked arms with Tobias. 'First day at school-here goes.'

The End

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