Wow Is Right

As Jake complemented me, I glanced sideways at Talon and Malachite, smiling a little. Jake took a few steps forward, and I heard Talon whisper, "Go on, go on!"

As he drew closer, my breath sharpened. He leaned in, and kissed me softly. As he pulled away, I could here are Guardians giggling and high fiving. "Wow." whispered Jake. I smiled softly, and wrappe my arms round him, and leaned my head on his shoulder.

"Go on! Go on, kiss him again!"

"Yeah, go on!" Malachite's voice acompanied Talon's.

I unwrapped my arms from Jake, and looked up at him. "I don't know why, but...I feel I should kiss you." I put my hands over my mouth, and bowed my head, thinking, "Why the hell did I say that?!?!"

Jake gave a chuckle. I began to pull away from him. He linked his arms round my back. "Hey, did I say I didn't want to kiss you?" he whispered, putting one hand under my chin, tilting my head up to face him. "Jake?!" I whispered.

"Yeah?" his lips were milimetres awy from mine.

"I...want to stop having to resist myself from you. I...don't want to hurt you."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, *sigh*, I don't want to hurt you. Talon has told me, that sometime soon, each of us will get one or two powers. And I already mine. I have three. I can fly without wings, I can see the spirits of the dead, and...I can kill in one bite."



"I know that you'll never hurt me." he whispered, and pushed his lips to mine. I slid my arms round his back, kissing him deeper. He ran his fingers blindly through my hair, as I caressed his cheek.


"Yeah. Wow." I agreed with a smile.

The End

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