Talon whispered in my ear a moment. "Would you excuse us for a moment?" I said, then dropped inside. Talon threw a bag at me. I growled at him.

"Hey, you might iimpress Jake."

"I-I'm not trying to impress him!"

"Don't lie, you know I can read your mind."


"You're excused. Hehe. C'mon. I know ya like him."

"As a friend, nothing else!"

"That's a load of turd and you know it." I growled again. I would win an argument with him. One day. I opened the bag, glaring at him. I gaped aat the clothing inside.

"I can't wear this!"

"Yeah you can. I'll help put it on."

"Yeah, put it on yourself. I'm not wearing it."

"Girl, do you want to impress Jake or not?"


"You're still wearing it. I'm your Guardian. I know best."

"...Damn, I hate it wen you're right."

"I know you do." I sighed, and pulled the stuff from the bag. It was a light blue dress, coming just below my knees. It had a corset back. Also with it was so slip ons. I growled again, and got changed. Talon hid his eyes, till I was done. He tightenned the back up for me, since it was a little loose. I slipped on the shoes, and Talon sat me down. He ran his fingers through my hair, taking out the knots carfully. He slid a silver clip into it, keeping it out of my eyes. I stood, an faced him.

"I'm gona get you for this?"

"Why? You look beautiful babe."

"Your as camp as a row of tents."


"Don't worry, your not."


"Your as striat as a circle."


"Just joking. I deserve t joke with you for putting me in this."

Jake slid down the rope, frowning. "What's all the shouting about?" he said. He glanced at Talon, then to me.

The End

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