Imi: Coming Clean

" I think you ought to know, we have done a little fighting ourselves," Liam began, before I cut him off

"What he means is that we became a sort of vigilante pair, you know, fighting crime and stuff like that. Since we could shapeshift, it seemed pretty easy to escape getting caught. Thing is we kept hearing rumors of an evil group of Guarded Ones, we dismissed them, since we thought that we were the only ones. But they kept coming up. So we came here, to see if there were other Guarded Ones. Because this group of people were mentioned as the ones who were going against them. And we wanted to fight." I said firmly.

The general reaction seemed to be confusion, a couple of people looked scared. Liam shifted to a human form, feircer than his usual, and placed his arm on my shoulder in a gesture of support.

"So, anyone got something to say about that?" he asked

The End

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