Scarlet: Talking, Riding

So, I sat there talking to Cate and her guardian. I didn't know what to do, really, in the presence of another guarded one. "Wanna go for a walk?" Cate asked.

"Sure," Misty replied for me. "Do you want to ride on me? I can take two."

"Uh, sure." Cate said. I helped her, rather awkwardly, onto Misty's back. Starting at a slow trot, Misty took us towards the town. She then sped up, until we were going at a fast gallop.

"Woopee!" I shouted. Cate clung onto me, sitting behind me. When we got nearer the town, Misty slowed down. Cate and I got off, and I turned to her. "Misty's only other form is a pine cone." I warned. "Like, yeah, the ones in the forest. She tries to avoid that form as much as possible, though." Suddenly Misty disappeared. I picked up her pine cone.

"This is humiliating." she complained. "There's two others watching me!"

"I find you rather adorable." Cate lied.

"Uhh!" And with that, Cate and I walked into the town, talking. I told her my life story, and she told me hers. Shortened, though. Soon Cate and I came to an abandoned looking gas station. Suddenly, in my pocket, I felt Misty stiffen.

"There's others here." she whispered. "Let me out."

"What?" Cate and I asked together.

The End

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