Grace: Flying

"Um, hi, Isabella. This is my guardian, Fli-" I was cut off by Flit herself.

"I can introduce myself, thanks Grace. I'm Flit, Graces guardian, I can also be a large eagle, look," she said, then changed into an eagle.

May as well fly now. Also, her guardian is called Herity, and can fly too she thought to me.

Fine. Can you carry two? I want to Isabella with us.

Easy she smirked.

"Um, Isabella, do you want to fly with us? Flit says your guardian, uh, Herity? Flit says she can fly, but if you want a rest, thats ok," I say out loud. Flit is sniggering mentally at me.

"Sure, " says Isabella.

Lets just give them a view of the city from above, shall we? says Flit.

Shut up, but ok, fine, go on then. I reply.

The End

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