Imi: Therapy? Yes please

I listened as some people were introduced to me, but their names just flew right over my head.  I'm not alone! There are others like me and Liam..

Hey! I can hear that you know.. There is no one like me Liam said joking. I smiled at that, and one of the other smiled back at me. I would have to get used to things around here. I was normally more careful.

Why don't you introduce yourself to the others Liam? I'm sure they will be...charmed...

He laughed, changing to his boy form. Personally, I liked it, he was rather good-looking like this. He looked at me with a smug gleam in his eye. He knew that I liked this form, and often teased me about it. All in good humor though. The others joked an laughed amongst themselves, and I talked a little, but they all seemed to know each other, and I couldn't make much sense of what was going on. After a while, I piped up.

"Anyone mind explaining to me what this is and why we are here? I mean, why are we the Guarded Ones? Whats the point? Liam and I have no clue.."

Liam added "We have tried to make some kind of sense of things but to be quiet honest we have failed miserably. All we have heard is rumors of groups like this one. To be honest, up until today, we both thought we were alone. We came here because we heard a rumor of this group, and we were kind of hoping that you would be able to tell us something about what all this means... Are we linked for a reason? Do you fight some evil Guarded Ones? Or is it just like being good at sport-something you are just born with and thats it? We just want to know. We have no one to miss us or anything, we are totally on our own so whatever you want to do, we're game."

He then changed to a mini dragon and flew to my shoulder, wrapping his tail around my arm.

"Just so's you all know, I can still talk" he laughed. "I just don't like being human for too long."

Spoilsport I teased him

Only 'cause you fancy me in that form..

Too far Liam.. He laughed at me.

Jake started to talk "Well, as you two can tell, we are all Guarded Ones. As for what we do..."

The End

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