Star Shower

I watched Ami and Jake lay down together talking. It seemed strange seeing them both like this. I flashed back to the day Ami's father had kicked her out...

"I can't get you to work, or clean, or cook for me! You're so useless! You'll never amout to anything, and I am ashamed to call myself your father!" He screamed at her. He grabbed her by her hair, and pulled her to the door. He pushed her out, onto a pile of rubbish and broken glass, and slammed the door. Ami sat their crying out. I had healed her wounds, and took her to the gas station. She had smiled, stroking my feathers, and taking little bits of dirt from it.

I came back to the present. Malachite came over to me, glancing at the two smiling together. "I still can't believe they kicked him, or Ami, out!" He said softly. I nodded. I flew out to get them dinner, secretly feeling sad.


I grinned as I told Jake that if life were simple, it would be no fun. I watched Talon fly out into the dark. I looked out, and grinned. I took Jake's hand, and pulled him up. He came with me, and I pulled myself up the rope, and onto the roof. Jake followed. We looked up, and saw a meatourite shower streaking the navy sky.

"Cool!" whispered Jake. I smiled, watching him lean back, watching. I leaned back too, then sat up, blushing. I had laid my hand on Jake's by mistake. He gave a small smile, then looked back up at the stars.

I stood, and saw Talon flying back, holding two bags. I grinned, and wooped. "Didn't steal them. I'm a scavendure!" He laughed. I looked, and saw three potions of steaming chips. I glanced in the other bag, and smiled. I pulled out some black jeans, a t-shirt, and a dress with matching shoes.

The dress was a long white one, reaching my ankles, that was tight round the waist. The shoes were little white slip ons. I smiled, and put them back in the bag. Jake took the bag of chips, and slid down the rope. I grabbed the clothes, nd slid down after him. I called to Lint and Rex, and they went up the rope, calling, "Let's eat out here!" I grinned, and climbed back up, Jake behind me. Before beginning, I gave each of them a quick hug. "I'm glad we met." I smiled. they grinned back, then began to eat.

The End

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