Not Worthless

As Jake and another Guarded One came in, I ran into the main area to greet them. Jake asked me for a favor. I shrugged. He told me that he had been kicked out. Who in the right mind kicks their kid from the house? I thought, the Talon reminded me. I was. I knew how Jake felt.

I told him he could stay. I looked up as a cat walked in, followed by a girl. I smiled. Everyone sat down around me. We talked about Tobias, her Guardian, and her cat. She left a while later.

"Jake, seriously mate, I know how it feels to be kicked out. I was kicked out when I was six. I came here, and Talon would bring me food and clothing. And being honest, I don't care about my parents anymore. Before you guys came, all I wanted were a couple of friends, and someone to tell me I wasn't worthless, like my father did when he kicked me out." I told him. I hung my head. He looked shocked.

He put a hand on my cheek, and brought my face up to look at his. "You're not worthless. You are a Guarded One. You are not worthless." he told me with a small smile. I felt a tear come to my eye. I wrapped my arms round Jake tightly, squeezing saltly bullets from my eyes. He hugged me back. I pulled away, a litle red cheeked.

The End

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