Sophia: Well that's new.

I jogged down the paving, wondering whether there was actually anywhere to go running around here. I mean, we'd only pulled up here last night, and I was half asleep at the time so all I'd wanted to do was to have a cookie and go to bed-call me crazy but I'm not really in the most curious of moods when I'm tired. I passed four girls talking with one another- one of them was wearing a skinny top and I instinctively breathed in as I ran quickly along. I didn't mind my legs-I could quite happily go out wearing shorts for running, but the whole pot(tish) belly/flat chested thing wasn't really the desired effect, so I stuck to baggy tees. I  went past a school, which I recognised from the website, and would have to recognise the next day when I started up.

I stopped by an old petrol station and leaned a (handily placed) tree whilst I got my breath back. As I did I looked about, and was ready to go back when I heard a few noises from the petrol station. Talking...rustling...rustling? Oh wait, that was in the tree. Before I could look up a skinny black furry mass fell onto my head. Well that's new-I've never been ambushed by a cat before.

'Tobias! Did I leave the door open?' I put him in my arms and turned back, ready to take him home.

'Nahh, I got out of my own accord.' Oh great, I forgot he was talking. He jumped out my arms and put a paw in the air, as if to silence my protests which I felt bubbling inside of me. 'I want to see what's in here...' he sniffed about, slinking towards the petrol station.

'Tobias...' I groaned, running after him. 'There's nothing in there, it's disused! It's completely empt-Oh.' I looked around at the group of people my age hanging around, a boy and two girls and a...bird of prey? I picked up Tobias hurriedly. 'Hi.'

The End

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