Jake: School's out, follow me.

"Just follow me after school."

I said those words in first period today. There was a new girl, and Malachite was absolutely sure that she was another guarded one. It was now the end of last period, and I was waiting for the bell to ring. Then, heaven, it did. I grabbed my stuff and went to my locker, and waiting there was Imi. I smile at her.

"Just follow me, I have to make a quick stop at my house first though."

She nods, in full agreement. I lock up my locker and make my way through the streets to my house. Before I open the door I hear someone walking towards the door. Then, my mom opens it.

"Where the hell have you been!"

"At school mom."

"What! Screw school! You should've been here! I want you out, you here me out! Get out of this house! Out of this family!" Then she added one last thing. "Get out of my life!"


To which I slam the door and walk back to Imi.

"What just happend?"

"Nothing, just I'll tell you later."

I began walking, making a quick route to the abandoned gas station. I knock on the door and Ami answers.

"Hey! Who's this?"

"This is Imi, she's another guarded one. And, umm, I need a favour."

"What kind of a favour?"

"I got kicked out of my house, can I crash here?"

She nods.


Then I walk inside and Imi comes inside with me.

"This is the the homebase, I guess you could say, of the guarded ones." Notices Lint. "And is the residence of three of the guarded ones, myself included. I'm going to try to get the other guarded ones here, through some method. But yes, this is where we are. Make yourself at home."

The End

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