Sophia: Um.

I stared at my cat in amazement and slight fear. He didn't just-

'Yes, I did.'

Oh, Ok, he did. Um. My cat just talked to me. Twice. Tobias sat watching me nonchalontly, as if all cats talked and I was stupid not to have noticed before. He lifted a paw to lick, and my brain did somersalts reliving the last second...

We'd just managed to unpack every one of the cardboard boxes and now the move was complete. A new town-a new quest to attain myself some more friends, and a new resolution to lose a little weight. My mother keeps assuring me that it is "puppy fat" and will go soon enough, but I'm wondering-when exactly will this puppy fat go? So far I had got dressed to go for a run and then wandered into the kitchen for a chocolate biscuit (well, I can work off these calories...) and then Tobias came slinking in like the slinky little cat he is and jumped onto a chair and said 'I wouldn't reccommend that-you're only adding to the "puppy fat"'.

See? Cats don't talk! Which is why I was looking at him all weird.


'Why am I talking?' Tobias' emerald eyes bore into me as he stared back. 'Because I am your guardian. And before you ask what one of those is-' I started to open my mouth and then thought better of it. 'a guardian is ...well, you're not completely stupid. I look out for you, make sure you're alright.'

'Um. Ok...' I reach for my keys and open the door. 'Well..I'll see you in a minute, Tobias.' and I ran.

I am seriously in need of fresh air. Talking cats?

The End

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