Ami: Night Lint

I groaned at Talon. I grabbed his arm, pulling him back, he sat back down, changed back into an egale, and threw a gummy bear at the new girl. She caught it neatly. "You're not knew to the streets, are you?" I asked after Jake had left. The girl, Lint, nodded and grinned. Rex, her Guradian changed into a silvery mouse, and sat on her shoulder.

Talon gave a small cry, then flew out through the roof. "Bring back something good!" I called after him. I smiled. I looked back at Lint, with her book clutched to her chest. I smiled. I threw a bag of jellybeans to her, and I went into the second part of the building; my sleeping room. I had dragged about fifteen mattresses into there when the factory shut down a month before, along with a few blankets and pillows. I arranged some, moving stuff about. I walked back into the other part, to see Lint sat with Rex sat next to her in human form. I smiled, and watched them reading for a moment, before pulling myself through the roof, to look out at the sunset.

Talon landed. I smiled at the bulging bag. I grabbed it, and climbed down. Lint stopped reading, and looked up. I fished through the bag grinning. Inside were some carrots, a couple of bars of chocolate, an apple, and some hot chips from the shop down the road. "I didn't steal them! I borrowed them....but won't give them back." Laughed Talon. I grinned, and offered the food to Lint. She smiled, and we shared the chips, having the chocolate for afters. Rex and Lint were nibbling on the jelly rings, bears, eggs, hearts, cola bottles and jellybeans.

I led Lint into the soft room, and I tripped. "Damn it!" I shouted, landing on the only place in the room with no padding. My knee was bleeding. Talon changed into his human for, popped a yellow ring into his mouth, then ran over. He took a tiny piece of glass from my knee, and ran his fingers over it lightly. The would healed quickly. I clenched my teeth  little, since the speed of growing skin stung. I threw a cushion onto the un padded floor and jumped onto a mattress. "Wanna stay the night? Plenty of room!" I said, tempting her. She grinned, and despite Rex's word of warning as he changed into  human, Lint threw herself onto one of the mattresses and laughed. I threw her a pillow, which she took in the face. "Hey!!!" she exclaimed, throwing the pillow back, hitting Talon, and bursted with feathers. We both laughed as feathers settled on Talon. He shook himself, and shook his head. He crawled onto the mattress next to me, and turned into a fox. He jumped over, and curled round my neck. His soft tail tickled me. I laughed, and watched Lint and Rex lay down. Lint closed her eyes, but Rex watched the exit like a hawk. "Talon, it's your turn to close the roof." I muttered. He groaned, and changed into his egale form, and flew out of the room.

"I felt lonely before you guys came. I mean, I felt like I was the only different one, with a Guardian, I mean." muttered Lint, turning to face me. I smiled, and nodded.

"Same. I used to...I used to pretend...that I had a best friend, and a boyfriend who lived here with me. It was silly." I muttered. Talon flew in, changing back into a fox. "Night Lint." I muttered, feeling Talon's warm fox body wrap round my neck.

The End

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