Imi: New faces and An Invitation

I settled down in class, Liam in a serpant form now, bright green and coiled around my wrist.

I think there's another Guarded One here.. Laim said, he can sense them but not too well.

Yeah, but keep under my sleeve ok? We have to look normal aswell remember?

You'll never look normal fool.


"Hi, my name's Jake." The boy settled next to me.

"Hey, I'm Imi, I just got here."

"Yeah, I haven't seen you round here before.. Where abouts do you live?"

An imange of the abandoned flat rose in my mind's eye.  "Not too far.."

"Want to come meet the rest of us after school?" he said, although the way he said us made it seem significant.

"Yeah, I dont see why not, where do you want to meet?"

The End

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