Jake: School!

After talking with Ami and Talon for a while, I showed them Malachite. He appeared to them as a man. He stood about 5'6", had green eyes and brown hair. He was wearing green cargo pants and a green shirt. He had a young face and looked no older than me. He turned to Ami and Talon and smiled.

"Hello," he said.

Then, someone came in.

"Hello, what's your name?" Ami asked quickly.

Then, Talon appeared as a human again, threatening the newcomers.

"Talon, stop!" Ami then grabbed him to pull him away. "I'm sorry about that, he's a bit cranky. It's the green ones."

The new visitors simply nodded. There was a girl and a boy that looked like her older brother.

"Who are you two?"

Then, the older boy transformed into a mouse and crawled up the girls sleeve.

Oh, a guardian. I thought.

"Well, I'm Lint, and this is Rex, my guardian."

I nod in astonishment as so many guarded ones appear to exist.

By my count that's four, Isabella, Ami, Lint and I.

Unbeknownst to me, there was more than just the ones I had met. Just then, I remembered that I had been out all night. My mom wouldn't have worried but I had to go to school.

"Uh, sorry got to go to school!"

I then ran out of the gas station before they could say goodbye. Malachite was trailing behind me. Eventually we got to my house, grabbed my backpack and ran to the school. We were late, but we got in the classroom just in time. Just as we walked in I noticed an unfamiliar face, then a sudden announcement from Malachite.

"There's another guarded one here."

I decided it was the new girl and decided to sit next to her. After I did she looked at me with awe and a hint of some other emotion.

"Hi, I'm Jake. What's your name?"

The End

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